About Austin Kosier

Dr. Austin Kosier, MD is an emergency room physician, medical educator, and healthcare mentor. Learn more about Austin Kosier's services on his website below.

In addition to his medical work as an ER doctor, Austin Kosier educates the healthcare community through various platforms including publications, lectures, and contributions to medical literature. One of Austin Kosier's contributions can be viewed below. 

Dr. Kosier enjoys serving the community as an ER physician, and he is equally invested in helping others in the medical field achieve their goals.

Austin Kosier provides advice to collegiate students applying to medical school, guidance to medical students preparing for USMLE and residency, and assistance to residents working toward becoming an attending physician and studying for board examinations.

Click the button below to view Austin Kosier's guide to the residency application process, in which he helps medical students apply for residency programs. 

Austin Kosier mentors students and trainees in the healthcare field, especially those aspiring to pursue a career in emergency medicine. 

Click the button below to view Austin Kosier's guide to emergency medicine where he provides information about the specialty, residency training, and fellowships.

Austin Kosier has been recognized for the high quality care he provides in the emergency room, as well as the platforms he utilizes to educate and mentor the medical community. Austin Kosier's awards and reviews can be viewed below.

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